About Us

The mission of EquipmentGram is to create the most seamless buying and selling experience of construction equipment using the usage history of construction equipment. 

This is achieved using EquipmentGram Inspection Reports and an EquipmentGram Universal Telematics System. 

What We Do

EquipmentGram Inspection Reports

EquipmentGram conducts comprehensive inspections of construction equipment customers may have an interest in and produce inspection reports from our inspections


EquipmentGram Universal Telematics System

EquipmentGram offers a telematics system which can be installed on any piece of equipment, regardless of the manufacturer or age. Data from the telematics can be retrieved as usage reports 


What is EquipmentGram?

EquipmentGram's marketplace offers an improved experience for buyers and sellers of construction equipment by reducing the time it takes to know the usage history of construction equipment with EquipmentGram Reports and physical equipment inspections
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