What We Do

EquipmentGram is your trusted partner when it comes to evaluating the condition and history of construction equipment. We work with a network of dedicated inspectors who meticulously assess heavy machinery and provide detailed inspection reports. These reports help you make informed decisions, whether you're looking to buy, sell, or maintain your equipment.

Our Mission

EquipmentGram is here to bridge the gap between the world of construction equipment inspections and technology. Our mission is to simplify the equipment inspection process, save customers time and money, and to ensure that customers get the most out of their investments.

EquipmentGram’s Benefits

Below are some benefits that come with using EquipmentGram reports


Empowers buyers with information and trust to make informed and confident purchasing decisions possible

Quality Assurance

Ensures that the equipment being bought and sold is in good condition, as it directly impacts the buyers/sellers' experience and long-term satisfaction

Risk Mitigation

Reduced risk means buyers/sellers are less likely to face unexpected expenses or downtime due to equipment issues

Insurance Benefits

Some insurance companies may offer better rates for equipment with documented inspection reports


Providing standardized inspection reports simplifies the buying/selling process and enhances the efficiency of the marketplace


The involvement of professional inspectors instills confidence in the accuracy of the inspection reports, making the service more trustworthy

Peace of Mind

Offering buyers/sellers peace of mind is a valuable benefit, as it reduces stress and anxiety associated with significant purchases

Market Efficiency

Streamlining the buying and selling process in the construction equipment market benefits all parties involved and enhances overall market efficiency

Improved Resale Value

For sellers, having an EquipmentGram inspection report can help justify a higher resale price

Reduced Fraud

Helps reduce the likelihood of fraud and misrepresentation of equipment condition

Regulatory Compliance

Ensures that equipment meets all necessary regulatory and safety standards

Long-Term Reliability

Buyers can expect better long-term reliability and durability from equipment with documented inspections

Join us on this journey to bring transparency, trust, and reliability to the construction equipment marketplace.

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