Frequently Asked Questions

Below are a few answered FAQ's about EquipmentGram. 

General Questions

What is EquipmentGram?

EquipmentGram is a service which aims to help buyers and sellers of construction equipment have the most seamless buying and selling experience possible using usage history reports. 
This is achieved through EquipmentGram Inspection Reports and an EquipmentGram Universal Telematics System. 

What is an EquipmentGram Inspection Report?

EquipmentGram Inspection Reports are reports on the state of pieces of machinery which customers might want inspected and  which are produced by EquipmentGram equipment inspectors. The reports have sections which cover the general appearance, the engine, the chassis, the safety systems, the drivetrain, the undercarriage, the control station, the hydraulics, or any specialty areas.   

What is the EquipmentGram Universal Telematics System? 

The EquipmentGram Universal Telematics System is a designed to be installed on construction machinery made by any manufacturer's regardless of the age of the machinery. The EquipmentGram Telematics System records data such as position, fuel data, and usage hours. The data can easy be retrieved be be used as equipment usage reports.   

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What is EquipmentGram?

EquipmentGram's marketplace offers an improved experience for buyers and sellers of construction equipment by reducing the time it takes to know the usage history of construction equipment with EquipmentGram Reports and physical equipment inspections
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