Frequently Asked Questions

Below are a few answered FAQ's about EquipmentGram. 

General Questions

What is EquipmentGram?

EquipmentGram is a construction equipment marketplace which improves buyers and seller experience with construction equipment usage history reports which are like "Car Fax for construction equipment."

What is the electronic EquipmentGram Report?

The electronic EquipmentGram Report covers equipment which use telematics and thus have telematics data history. This data mainly covers engine and machine usage. 

How many kinds of EquipmentGram Reports exist?

Two kinds of EquipmentGram Reports exist. 
The first is an electronic EquipmentGram Report and the second is a physical inspection EquipmentGram Report. 

What is the physical inspection EquipmentGram Report?

EquipmentGram physical inspection reports involve sending out inspectors to inspect construction equipment to conduct inspections areas of construction equipment which electronic reports can't cover. 

Have further questions?

What is EquipmentGram?

EquipmentGram's marketplace offers an improved experience for buyers and sellers of construction equipment by reducing the time it takes to know the usage history of construction equipment with EquipmentGram Reports and physical equipment inspections
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